Acetech iTarget system

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Acetech iTarget system.

The Acetech iTraget system consists of iTargets, moving targets, scoreboard, controller, start button, adaptor and network wires. Basic requirements of iTraget: a number of targets from 3 up to 32 with a controller to construct iTarget system. The 16*64 dot LED display Scoreboard shows in Real-time  the current scores. You can use a controller to execute game and set system parameters. 

No Name Quantity Instructions
1 Target 12 Each iTarget is comes with an 8 cm and 10 cm round target
2 8 cm round target 12 FPR material, thickness of 1.6mm
3 10cm round target 12 FPR material, thickness of 1.6mm
4 M3*10mm self-tapping screw 30 24 screws for normal use. rest of them for spares
5 Controller 1 Operate and control the operation of iTarget
6 LED scoreboard 1 16x64 white LED display.
7 Control button 1 Start and stop iTarget .
8 PDU (Power Distribution Unit ) 1 Power Din to RJ45 power tap.
9 1-meter wire 14 Used for connecting to iTarget, 12 ones for normal use and 2 ones for spares.
10 5-meter wire 2 One is connected to the controller and one to the scoreboard.
11 adaptor 1 Input:100-240VAC 50-60Hz Output:19V / 4.7A
iTarget EN Manual
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