Acetech Blaster C


The Acetech Blaster C is available in five different colors (Red, Green, Black, Purple, Blue) and has a tactical appearance thanks to its aluminum alloy construction. With an IP65 rating, it is durable and can withstand a variety of conditions. This Blaster C simulates the effect of a barrel flame and supports standard BBs, green tracer BBs and gel BBs. An M14(-) to M11(+) adapter is included for versatility in use.

  • Appearance colors x 5 (Red, Green, Black, Purple, Blue).
  • Tactical appearance from Aluminum alloy.
  • Blaster C is with IP65 rating.
  • Simulates the muzzle flash function.
  • Supports standard BBs, green tracer BBs, gel BBs.
  • Included adaptor M14(-) to M11(+)