AC6000 Premium BT Chronograph Bluetooth Version

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AC6000 Premium BT Chronograph with Bluetooth Version

The Acetech AC6000 BT Exclusive is a high quality airsoft chronograph with high accuracy. The AC6000 EX has a user-friendly interface with 128*128 pixel OLED, in white color it is more easier to control. The AC6000 BT EX is equipped with 4-way push button and powered with a 18650 rechargeable battery (Included)

The units comes with a Aluminium Speed Testing Tube and box. APP Available

1. Muzzle speed measurement range: 30.00 ~ 400.0 (m/s)
2. Burst speed measurement range: 100 ~ 5000 (rounds/minute)
3. Speed measuring tube diameter: 36mm
4. Camera tripod screw hole for fixing to camera tripod
5. 18650 lithium battery*1
6. Supporting micro USB external power input for charging
7. Size: 130 (L) x 108 (W) x 61 (H) mm
8. Weight: 312g (without battery)
Note 1: When using an external power supply, use a 5V adapter with a current of 0.5A or more.
Note 2: Avoid using the BB bomb to accidentally hit the panel and buttons during use to avoid OLED or button damage.

APP Instructions
1. Go to the APP store and search for AceSoft and install it.
2. Start APP, AC6000BT and mobile phone Bluetooth.
3. Click on the AC6000BT icon and a reminder icon will appear during pairing. At this time, press the AC6000BT power button to complete the pairing.